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Newspaper Committee - Italian Times


Blaise DiPronio, Chair

Tom Hemman, Editor


Faye Kessler


Joanne Czubek

Tony Zingale

Bobby Tanzilo


Enrica Woytal



The Italian Times is published 11 times annually by the Italian Community Center of Milwaukee.


The primary purposes of the publications are:

  1. To serve as a source of information for the Italian Community Center and the community at large.
  2. To present news about Italian Community Center activities and members and about Festa Italiana.
  3. To promote and promulgate an awareness and appreciation of the contributions of Italians and Italian Americans, past and present, and their contributions to improving and enriching mankind.


The Newspaper Committee is comprised of up to three to seven individuals (at the discretion of the President of the Italian Community Center) with a working knowledge of the ICC’s goals and objectives.


At least one of the members of the Newspaper Committee should be proficient in the Italian language.  If none of the committee members are so proficient, the committee may appoint someone with that knowledge to act in an advisory capacity.


The duties of the Newspaper Committee are:

  1. To maintain and, on occasion, review the policies and procedures of The Italian Times.
  2. When needs dictate, change the policies and procedures of The Italian Times with all such changes subject to approval of the Italian Community Center Board.
  3. Direct breaches of the policies and procedures to the President of the Italian Community Center.
  4. Review and approve the content of The Italian Times prior to publication.